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Mostly a list of fandoms and also pages you can find my work at

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Main Fandoms: Tiger and Bunny, Archer, Harry Potter, Jojo Bizarre Adventure and general Marvel stuff

Other Fandoms: One Piece, Versailles, The Hunger Games, Hunter x Hunter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Bayonetta, Sherlock Holmes (Movies), Glee (before season 4) and Neon Genesis Evangelion

OTPs and Ships: Kaworu/Shinji (NGE); Ray/Archer (Archer), Lana/Archer (Archer), Lana/Archer/Ray (Archer) ; Kotetsu/Agnes (T&B) ; Nathan/Antonio (T&B); Kurtofsky (Glee); Storm/Wolverine ; Pepper Pots/Tony Stark; Emma Frost/Namor; Northstar/Iceman; Northstar/Daken; Daken/Johnny Storm; Tony Stark/Steve Rogers (all marvel); Zoro/Sanji (One Piece); Sanji/Ace (One Piece); Franky/Robin (One Piece), Count D/Leon (Petshop of Horrors); Ryo/Kaori (City Hunter); Dramione (Harry Potter), Krumione (Harry Potter); Monchevy (Versailles), Holmes/Watson (Sherlock Movies), Reid/Morgan; Morgan/Garcia (Criminal Minds); Effie/Haymitch (The Hunger Games); Bayonetta/Jeanne, Bayonetta/Luka (Bayonetta)

Favourite Movies: Most Comic book movies, Sherlock Holmes, Lord of The rings, American Psycho, The Crow, Spy, The last Samurai, 007 movies, Disney and Pixar movies

TV Shows: Archer, Versailles, Soap Operas, Glee (before season 4), Gotham, Elementary, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Criminal Minds, Venture Bros, Frankie and Grace

Books: Lord of The Rings, A song of Ice and fire, Harry Potter, The portrait of Dorian Gray, Perfume: The story of a murderer, Sherlock Holmes, Captive Prince, Wraethtru, Song of Achilles

Music: David Bowie, Placebo, The Cure, The Smiths, Stromae, The Distillers, George Michael, a bunch of 60/70 and 80's artists, Melanie Martinez, Florence + the machine, Malice Mizer, Eurovision songs

Comics/Anime/Misc: X-men, Dark Avengers, Deadpool, Ms Marvel, Ultimate X-men, Antique Bakery, Petshop of Horrors, Tiger and Bunny, One Piece, Psycho Pass, Innocent, Banana Fish, MW, Mononoke, Gankutsuou, Godchild, Monster, Pluto, (it would be easier to post here my My Anime List) 

Hobbies: writing, drawing cosplay/costuming, lolita, crafting fandom related stuff

Other Info: I’m a writer, crafter, fanartist and cosplay so you can expect a lot of that on my account. Also some personal posts in the middle and soccer.  


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 I'm been in fandom related activities for more than a decade and lately fandom has really getting on my nerves. Maybe I am just getting older, maybe not.
One of the things that pains me is seeing that the sense of community is almost lost to me with tumblr. It is a good way for people who were afraid of posting in lj comms to show their love for a fandom, also for artists to show their work outside of the comms but it is such a bad place to discuss fandom aspects and meta about shows. There is no direct dialogue and at least in the communities you were able to see the all the responses when someone posted something, now you have to look between hundreds of notes most of them not saying anything. 

With LJ and dreamwidth you have the option of posting on comms while remaining a private blog which is important for many people. 

Finding content on the tags on tumblr is a nightmare, specially when there are people who post their fanfiction there. How am I supossed to find your dramione fiction in a see of graphics, opinions, fanart and even unrelated posts.

Other problem on tumblr fandom is the lack of moderation. The old problem of posting ship hate on the ship tag and reblogging to insult shippers. There is no moderation like many comms had. I'm not saying that this kind of stuff never happened on LJ cause everyone knows the stories about the HP ship wars. 

A problem unrelated to fandom that I have nowadays is: headcanons

Don't get me wrong I love headcanons and I have my fair share of them (one day I will make a post about them), my problem is people imposing their headcanons on other fans. And being hateful when someone has a different headcanon. 


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