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 I'm writing some writer issues about the continuation of my Ray/Archer one shot.
Mostly because I want it to fit the timeline after the "Legs" episode but I don't know. Mostly because I want to stay in character, and I don't know if I should ignore the whole "The Wind cries mary" episode. Maybe I should write another one with Archer dealing with the stuff Lucas Troy told him.
Till I finish it have a little of bit of what I am writing
""For someone that was so eager to start at the office you sure are taking your time.” 
“I'm afraid of what I am going to find under your underwear.”
"This would not be the first time you fucked a bionic human, stop throwing a fit"  Ray was rolling his eyes, 
"And that didn't go to well did it? I am just afraid that your fucking cyborg dick is going to explode shot me or do some weird shit.”
"I'm not a cyborg! God Archer you are really making everything to get me out of the mood! My dick is normal, just shut up and suck it" Ray was quickly losing his temper
"How do you know it wont make anything weird, did you had it tested? … Nevermind don't tell me I don't want to know about your gay sex life"
"My gay sex life was pretty great before you FREAKING PARALYZED ME FOR THE SECOND TIME!" Shouted Ray
"Jesus man, I thought you weren't one to hold grudges."
"I swear Archer if I see your mouth doing anything other and suck me off in the next minutes, I will have Krieger making a hack your voicemail with me saying: Archer sucked my dick.."
"Hey! I still havent suck your dick. Now be patient I never did this before."


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