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I've spending the last two days watching portuguese telenovelas storylines on youtube.

And I have to say it is really weird seeing gifsets of them on tumblr. Mostly because young people usually dont watch them here. Also amazing seeing people uploading them on youube, give them subtitles in many languages and see the comments praising it, they could even form a fanbase with all those people.

I think if more people saw them here on tv the complains of censorship would be taken more seriously for exemple, Os Nossos Dias storyline is really cute and I hate all the obvious censorship RTP did that was not called out because peple didnt see it. I think at least in 2010 when tvi cut off Fabio’s and Nuno’s kiss many people complained.

But I got to say, love them sappy happy endings ( recently at least)

Pity no one is uploading the lesbian storylines to youtube for me to see and they arent all that usual at least I think.