Date: 2016-02-28 10:55 pm (UTC)
smalldeer: ([ghostfacers] a ghost-adjacent...)
From: [personal profile] smalldeer
i really feel this!! i basically missed out on the last dregs of the livejournal fandom boom and i really wish i hadn't because it really did sound like a great lot of fun and a good way to meet people.

on tumblr it's just... there's no privacy options, everyone's scared to actually openly talk about something because their comments will show up brazenly attached to the post that's being circulated among millions of users and the only other option is writing in the tags where almost no one will see it. basically you're shamed into keeping to yourself.

that and the algorithms of social media today mean nobody ever goes looking for anything any more because "relevant" stuff is always put right there in front of them on a silver platter. but that means that unless you're already popular it's extremely hard to get interaction from anybody for the reasons above

and...yeah. moderation is hard everywhere, but on tumblr it's pretty much nonexistent. and even with the strictest moderation ever, there's gonna be someone accusing you of Something because everyone has such an itchy trigger finger, definitely no pun intended.

tl;dr everyone's scared to say something because everyone is simultaneously mixed up between having no privacy options to fall back on and having no way of meeting others in a neutral environment. you gotta go on someone's blog and message them and it's so... forward. on a site like DW/LJ all you gotta do is post on a comm and it's like neutral territory

SORRY FOR THE ESSAY and also for my total lack of adherence to basic grammar rules. but yeah basically, i agree with everything.

i have a particular story about that last thing you mentioned but boy howdy i'm only gonna spill that tea in private because it's quite some shit
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